SmartClass Solution Sdn Bhd has earned a reputation by providing cost effective and creative solution primarily to the Education sector specially SJK (C) (Chinese Primary School) and independent school (Private and high school).
Throughout the course of projects, our technical team has acquired technical know-how covering practically every facet of the solutions and deployment methodology.
New technologies are increasingly being introduced into education, affecting the learning and teaching process from primary school curricula to university level programs. In the coming decades, as these technologies are further developed, many believe that there will emerge a new learning environment that will require future teachers to shift roles and that will provide more in-depth and independent study for future students.
We are happy and great to share with you our SmartClass solution roadmap which involve 3 modules. Module one Smart E-Classroom; Module two Interactive E-Classroom; Module Three Online eClass Platform.
Our philosophy in the Smart Classroom is the use of technology to enhance teaching and learning in a classroom environment. The goal of this solution is to provide a total solution in which user friendly to the teachers and fun to the students.
We also work very closely with our partner-Promethean UK, who are specialize in ICT educational tools such as Interactive WhiteBoard, Interactive Respond System, Digital Tablet and Audio Visual accessories to complement our ICT solution with the aim of providing one-stop total solution to our valuable clients. Thru the technology we bring interactive into action for teacher and student.
SmartClass Solution Sdn Bhd was appointed as Marketing Partners by BroadLearning Solution Limited (Hong Kong) to provide next level online Teaching and Learning platform to local primary educational sector to complement the smart school implementation in Malaysia. More than 65% of Hong Kong Primary and Secondary High schools have widely accepted and implemented Online eClass from BroadLearning. As in Malaysia, more than 10 Secondary High schools and Primary school have implemented for the pass four years. With its proven, reliable and user friendly platform, we believe it sure be the trend of education technology of tomorrow.
In order to offer the most suitable solution to our customers, we also work closely with IBM, ACER, MICROSOFT and EPSON to provide world-leading technologies to meet different requirements of our clients.
With our broad experience and a team of professional staffs that emphasizes on innovative design methodology and customer services, it has always been our philosophy to establish long-term smart partnership leading to a win-win relationship with our much-valued clients.