Interactive E-Classroom Solution

Activboard is at the heart of the Interactive E-Classroom Solution. It is designed to provides teachers and students with the opportunity for greater interaction with the teaching material and each other.
Supplied with the Activboard is the all-powerful software, which is the key to create truly dynamic lesson. Software are packed with features and educational resource to enrich the teaching and learning experience.
Both teachers and student interact using a cordless and battery-free Activpen. Activpen provides the same functionality as using a mouse and it also allows dual pen usage, where both users can use the Activboard simultaneously all over.
Beside that, teachers can share their experiences in usage of software and hardware with more than 100000 worldwide Promethean user thru official forum.
Interactive e-classroom solution also provides teachers with flexibility to prepare their Activboard lessons away from the interactive whiteboard, and to simulate the features for flipchart preparation via Activtablet.
To improve the interactivity in classroom, students and teachers can also leverage with other technology such as the Activslate, Activote, Activexpression, Activsounds and many other devices to suit the requirement of the individuals usage.

Benefits of Interactive E-Classroom

Improve quality of teaching and effectiveness of learning.
Enhance students learning experience.
Promote best practices in teaching and learning with the innovative delivery of education process.
Has more High-Quality Education Resources (15,000 free with software, 4000+ online lesson).

Sample of Interactive E-Classroom