Online eClass Solution

A platform which consists of school administration, school communication, teaching and learning functions. Work more efficiently and enhance connection and interactive between teacher, student, parent and community.

What are the benefits that eClass Junior brought to school?

Fully utilize ICT as a tool to enhance the effectiveness of learning and teaching - let the students equip themselves to meet the new era of information age; turn the school into an energetic and innovative learning institution; and promote the collaboration among teachers, parents and the community.
To empower teacher's teaching - ecCass enables teachers to manage their teaching resources in an organized manner. Teachers are able to enrich the learning content with multimedia materials and vast online resources. Resources can also be shared among teachers.
To enhance student's learning - eClass can strengthen the assessment of individual students. Each of the students knows well his/her strength and weakness in certain subjects or topics of study with the guidance of assessment results.
To improve the student's information literacy - Students are motivated to make good use of ICT to collect information and prepare their school works such as presentations; their ICT skills can hence be improved.
To improve the efficiency of school's administrative works - Administers or teachers can manage their admin work with integrated function. Teachers enable to pay more time on preparing lesson or teaching contents as well as manage well admin workload.
To enhance the communication between parents and the school -Parent's accounts are provided. Parents are now able to keep an eye on school's latest news and teachers' messages while keeping track of the studentí»s performance.

eClass Junior Platform and Function