Smart E-Classroom Solution

Combines multimedia tools and information technology to enhance and empower teaching and learning environment in classroom. Increase student learning and have fun thru interest teaching method.
Creative multimedia teaching and learning system includes desktop or laptop computer, LCD projector, visualizer, speakers, central controller and etc. A network that connects every classroom and admin office; a server provides teaching resource as known as Teaching Content Management Server.
Teachers can retrieve teaching contents thru network control. At the same time, teachers able to access internet to get extra information that out of book to enrich teaching contents and make its interesting or fun. The goal of this solution is to provide a total solution in which user friendly to the teachers and fun to the students.

Benefits of Smart E-Classroom

System simple, able for enhancement and extensive (according different environment and situation).
Effective teaching environment (Teachers ease to control different type of multimedia tools to present teaching contents and highlight the point; to attract student in learning and empower interactive and participation).
User friendly, easy to control (Humanize and easy control design. Beginner ease to handle multimedia tools with central controller).

Sample of Smart E-Classroom